We use the highest quality materials / components and that is why we guarantee high durability. Specialized and modern machines allow us production of exquisite products. We also guarantee the highest quality and project order processing throughout all stages of cooperation.

Aluminimum profile templates

We offer the highest quality aluminium profile templates made individually to order.

Plastic cases

Templates in the form of boxes / plastic displays

Cardboard cases

Templates in the form of 2,3,4-page cardboard catalogs

Lath / Wall panels

Displays in the form of panels to be hung on the wall or rack

Boards / Stands

Stand-alone displays made of PVC, PMMA or cardboard

Handle cases

An innovative form of the template in the form of a handle made of PVC

Silicone templates

Silicone color templates in aluminium profiles or as dots

Plaster templates

Patterns (colors and structures) of plasters in the form of catalogs or panels

Transversal schemes

Form of exposure of individual stages / layers of work

Hydro insulation

Samples of 1 and 2 component waterproofing in the form of a cardboard cover


We also offer printing, milling, cutting and bending services


We offer large-format prints on glass, PVC, aluminum, wood, etc.

Advertising stencils, trowels, molds

Other forms of construction chemistry templates, e.g. leaves, molds

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