Plaster templates

This is a separate group of products that includes several types of displays:

Fold-out book stencils - with plaster samplers applied directly with glue or with plaster samplers applied to special plastic molds, which are then placed in polyurethane foam.

Hanging or standing boards - made on PVC or plexiglass - direct printing. There is a variety of shapes and formats according to an individual project.

All the elements used for the stencils, and in particular the plaster color structures, are made by our company from the material entrusted to us. After production, the sample is sent for approval. Then the batch is made according to the approved pattern. Such a procedure ensures perfect quality and meets the expectations of the company ordering the production of templates as to the quality and consistency of colors and textures - structures.

Plaster templates are widely used in trade as well as in design and architectural offices.


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