About us

Our company has been gaining experience for 20 years. Since the beginning we have earned a strong position on European markets and our products reach plethora of customers all over the world. Our success would not be possible if it were not for a great production capacity and experienced specialists who create strong team spirit. We always listen to needs of our customers. We try our best to support them as a partner throughout all stages of cooperation. Thanks to this we can offer creative and complex solutions which are compliant with both visions and expectations of our clients. We know best that producing the highest quality product is challenging, but it often is a crucial selling tool. That is why „We support Your sale” is our motto.

We specialize in production of stencils for example joint sample, silicone, plaster, paint, hydro insulation, solvent, acrylics and other materials such as aluminium profiles or PVC profiles. Our main goal is achieving the highest quality possible. It is also relevant to take care of the details because they decide what the final effect is. We can satisfy the most refined tastes and highest standards requirements demanded by clients. Our 20 years of experience allowed us to develop a qualified production-design team. We have at our disposal a modern technology in the form of automatic efficient machines constructed by renowned companies (i.e. FELDER, MECAL,…..). During the production process we use, among others, offset printing, screen printing, pad printing and many decorative and finishing techniques like milling and engraving. We take extensive care about that our products are manufactured from materials of the highest quality. We continuously broaden our service offer and are open to any individual or non-standard solutions and designs of our clients.

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we support Your sales