Boards / Stands

Durable and practical method of exposure. Joint, silicone or strip samplers can be attached to the template directly (with glue) or placed in previously milled holes, thanks to which we obtain a visual effect of lightness, and at the same time increase the strength and durability of the template / stand.

It is possible to mill holes to hang the template with a string or use a leg (bent from the same material / board) or glued. Thanks to this, the stand can be easily placed on a bookcase, desk or counter.

Joint patterns are made in anodized aluminum profiles. It is possible to place any type of sampler on the panel: aluminum profile (6/8, 8/8, 16/10), samples of silicones, plasters, paints, varnishes, etc.

The stands are an ideal solution for wholesalers or retail outlets. Placed on the sales counter or in display areas intended for presentation. They can be made in almost any size. It is possible to order small batches of the template.


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