Cardboard cases

Cardboard cases (joint templates) are made of hard cardboard covered with an offset print. Gloss or mat finish. The main advantage of the cardboard stencil is the ability to adjust the size of the box to the range / number of grout colors presented. It is possible to order small batches of cardboard stencils at one time, which gives the possibility of more frequent changes in the appearance of the stencil, adapting it to the market needs. The profiles in the templates can be placed / fixed directly on cardboard or placed in polyurethane foam. Thanks to this, you can freely extract a given color and compare it with, for example, the shade of the finish, the color of silicone. The stencils can be magnetically closed or a more economical version without closing.

Cardboard cases (joint templates) are an ideal solution for retail outlets, architects and designers. Their main advantage is high aesthetics and the ability to make quick changes in graphics and dimensions, adapting to market changes.


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