Digital print
UV printing is an extremely durable and strong printing method. Here, polymer inks are used, which are fixed with UV light after being applied to the material. The finished print is in the form of a thin layer of colored plastic. What is noteworthy is that the printout is ready to use, as there is no need to wait for the ink to dry like in traditional ink. We can print UV printing on many types of materials, e.g. PVC, plexiglass, glass, dibond or mdf. It is important that the material is flat. UV printing is great for printing advertising materials. It is very durable, vital and looks very nice.

Screen printing

It is the oldest printing method that is characterized by remarkable durability of the applications / printing made. It is possible to print on the entrusted small-format material such as plastic, aluminum, wood, paper, metal. We offer cutting and milling services for materials such as: aluminum, PVC boards, Plecxi, dibond, MDF boards, plywood and wood-like materials. Maximum format of elements for milling 1250 x 3000 mm

Milling, CNC cutting, aluminum milling

Milling is a machining process in which a certain amount of material is removed from a workpiece using a fairly fast rotating milling machine operating at an appropriate feed rate. A characteristic feature of the milling process is that each cutter tooth removes the material in the form of the smallest chips possible.

PVC & PLEXI board / material bending

Our offer also includes bending services for PVC and plexiglass elements. Maximum dimensions up to 100 cm.


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