Aluminium profile templates

We offer the highest quality aluminum profile templates made individually to order. We approach each order professionally and based on the highest standards. We provide complete order fulfillment and professional advice. We are manufacturer of aluminium profile templates and create them on our modern machines using the highest quality materials. Before the actual production, we make template prototypes so that the final product meets all customer requirements.
We create our stencils as boxes or books with die-cut foam inside, which keeps the samples in a suitable and stable position. The template can be extended with additional accessories such as plastic handles or additional pockets. The material for our stencils is solid cardboard, printed on one or both sides and additionally covered with a laminate. The most frequently chosen form of exposure is a template with a plastic handle, which is located on the spine, to facilitate transport. A great choice is also a template fastened with Velcro or a magnet with samples glued directly to the cardboard, without foam.
As a manufacturer of aluminium profile templates we make every effort to ensure that our products look aesthetically even with a large number of elements. Please see the gallery below.


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