Advertising stencils, trowels, molds

Advertising stencils
Leaf advertising stencils are a perfect way to present the colors of plasters, paints, papers, foil and other products. A single leaf may contain one or several shades of color. The whole thing is fastened with a metal screw and closed with a rigid cover with an individual customer's print (number, name, logo). The covers are made of high-quality solid cardboard, cardboard or plastic - polypropylene. The advertising print on the templates is used with the offset technique. Patterns in this form are a perfect solution for presenting a product offer - color for both sales representatives and samplers in sales networks.

The trowel is made of a special plastic. It is used for the application of car fillers, epoxy grouts and other types of putties. A wide range of colors is available from which you can choose the color of the ordered packs. We offer 2 sizes (e.g. 12 x 10 mm)

The molds are made of injection molding polyurethane material, which makes them rigid and durable. There is a wide range of colors from which you can choose the color of the ordered molds. Application - these molds are perfect for filling with epoxy grouts, acrylic, renovation, mineral, structural or self-leveling plasters. Molds can be labeled with screen printing, pad printing or digital printing in any content according to individual project. We offer several types / sizes of molds: 8 x 85 mm, 16 x 85mm, 24 x 85 mm, 50 x 85, 120 x 120 mm and 150 x 200 mm.


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