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Digital print

UV digital print is an extraordinarily durable and sustainable method of printing. For this process we use polymer ink. When applied on material it is strengthened with UV. The prepared print comes as coloured plastic film. It is worth mentioning that print is ready to use, because in this case there is no need to wait for ink to evaporate, as it is required using traditional ink.

UV digital print can be applied on multiple types of materials e.g. PCV boards, PMMA, glass, dibond or MDF. It is incredibly important for material to be flat. UV digital print is perfect for advertising materials. It is exceptionally durable, long-lasting and makes a great visual impression.

Screen print

It is the oldest method of printing. Its main feature is remarkable durability of applications/prints. There is a possibility of print on small size materials such as plastic, aluminium, wood, paper on metal which are provided by the customer.




Laser marking

Laser engraving is both modern and durable method of marking elements such as metal and ceramics. Fiber laser which is used for this proccess guarantees accurate and efficient work. This solution perfectly applies to labelling bar codes, product marking, batch numbers, series numbers, QR codes etc. Our fiber laser allows us to enhance and adjust the shapes of engraving.

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