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It is a separate group of products, which consists of several types of display form:

Unfolded book
– with plaster templates directly applied with adhesive or with plaster templates inserted in special plastic molds which are then put into PUR foam.

Wall Boards / Stands
- made on PCV or PMMA board– direct print
There is a freedom of choice in terms of shape and format, due to our service being executed according to individual needs of customers.

All the elements used in the templates and, especially, the colour structures of plaster are prepared by our company from the client-provided material. After preparation process a sample is sent to the customer for acceptance. When we receive positive feedback, based on the accepted design, a batch of material is produced and then provided to the customer. This procedure guarantees the highest quality possible and meeting expectations of customer who ordered templates of specified standard. It must also be compliant with chosen colours and texture/structure.

Templates of plaster are commonly used in commerce, design and architecture offices

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