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Cardboard cases with joint templates are made from hard cardboard covered with offset print. They are finished in glossy or mat. The main advantage of the cardboard template is a possibility of adjusting its dimensions to the wide range of available joint colours. There is a possibility to order at one time small batches of carton templates. This possibility enables customers to frequently change the look of template and adjust it to the market needs. Profiles in the templates can be placed/fixed directly in the box, in a plastic pressing or polyurethane foam. The templates can be closed magnetically. Thanks to a support “leg” mounted at the back of each template, it is much more convenient to catch attention of potential customers when displaying cement, clinker or epoxy joints.

Capacity of each cardboard case is established individually with each customer. One can accommodate 6 to 15 aluminum profiles depending on size 6/8, 8/8, 16/10 (e.g. clinker). Samples of joints are prepared in anodized aluminum profiles. Prints at the profile bottom are made with pad printing, screen printing method or laser marking, of which content is determined by individual design of the customer.

Cardboard cases are a perfect solution for selling points, architects and designers. Their main advantage is high aesthetics and the possibility of making quick changes in terms of graphics and dimensions when adjusting them to constantly changing market needs

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