PVC board- direct digital print on the board

Category: Stands

Not only durable but also a practical method of display. Samples of joints, silicones or boards can be fixed directly to the template (with adhesive) or placed in earlier routed holes. Thanks to this not only do we gain a visual effect of lightness but also, we increase the durability and endurance of a template/stand.

There is a possibility of routing holes to hang the template or to use a mounted/fixed support „leg” (which is made from the same material). Thanks to this solution each stand can be set on a shelving unit, a desk or a counter.

Joint templates are made in aluminum anodized profiles. There is a possibility of placing any type of samples on the panel: aluminum profiles (6/8, 8/8, 16/10), silicone, plaster, paint, varnish etc.

Stands are a great solution for wholesalers or selling points. They are often placed on the counter or in display places dedicated for presentation of goods. Stands can be made in almost any desired dimensions. There is also a possibility to order small batches of templates if required.

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