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Plastic cases with joint templates are made with an injection method using the finest quality materials guaranteeing high durability and long-lasting usage. Print on plastic cases is applied with use of screen-printing method and digital print depending on individual design. Customer can choose any colour of available material and obtain the effect of transparency. The inside of the closing tab can be also used as a carrier of technical description. The external parts can be either printed with screen printing method or covered with labels. A wide range of template sizes provides a convenient possibility of adapting to the changing amount of joint colours, due to the applied system of inserts.

Each case can accommodate 6 to 12 profiles in size 8/8 and 6 to 16 profiles in size 6/8 mm. Joint templates are in aluminium anodized profiles. Prints at the profile bottom are made with pad printing, screen printing method or laser marking, of which content is determined by individual design of the customer.

Plastic case with joint templates, thanks to its small external dimensions, is handy and ideal for contractors, architects, designers, for use at the building site and in selling points in direct cooperation with the client.

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